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 If you are a firm that offers marketing solutions  then you need content that has the power to convince and make an impact on your audience

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Speaking Topics!

I can be mainly hired for 3 major topics of the digital marketing world.

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, it is hard to make a business success without some form of online or digital presence. A digital marketing strategy can help decide the actions that are focused on achieving the business goals through online channels.

  • I will talk about what kind of channels can be used for digital marketing and those that suit multiple businesses the best.
  • I will help attendees understand the importance of acknowledging the short-term and long-term business goals and how they can be achieved through digital marketing channels.
  • I will also talk about the digital marketing strategies developed from my experience that can help toward enhancing a business’s conversion rates.

Inbound Marketing

There are multiple ways to create awareness about what you do as a business. One of the methods is to bring potential customers towards what you have to offer rather pushing content outwards to create leads.

  • I will explain how inbound marketing works on a digital platform.
  • I will expose the audience to the different productive methods of inbound marketing.
  • I will particularly focus on inbound marketing strategies that increase conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The aim of most digital actions by business organizations is to create sales conversion. It demands the creation of a marketing funnel so you can slowly guide the customers to buying from you.

  • I will explain what a conversion rate optimization or CRO system is.
  • I will discuss the different digital channels that support CRO.
  • I will cover strategies that can help increase conversion rates in the long run.

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I have attended multiple digital marketing events where I encounter a variety of audience. I can modify the content based on what kind of audience will be attending. My speaking notes are completely tailored to meet the specific goals of your digital marketing event. If you are interested in hiring an expert marketing speaker, contact me today.

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If you have a professional event coming up for your business organization and a talented speaker is required, then Mücahit is your go-to expert. Well-versed in marketing topics focused on business conversion rate, he can speak both from skill and experience.


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